ESAC moves out of JP

The Ecumenical Social Action Committee (ESAC), a key Egleston Square nonprofit founded in JP nearly 50 years ago, moved its offices to Dorchester last week.

The expense-cutting move out of 3313 Washington St. to 214 Harvard St. in Dorchester will not affect ESAC’s JP programming, according to Executive Director Bill Minkle. The new address is on the other side of Franklin Park from JP.

“It’s not a big move, in terms of geography,” Executive Director Bill Minkle told the Gazette this week. “We were in an expensive space and we needed to cut back on expenses.”

Minkle said that there should be no interruptions or disruptions to ESAC services or programs, including its GED programs based out of the Egleston Square YMCA or its annual fundraiser food festival A Taste of JP. It will also continue to be involved in Egleston Square’s Peace Garden project.

“We’re as committed to the community as we’ve ever been. Nothing changes there,” he said.

ESAC is a multi-pronged community support nonprofit that aims to improve the quality of life for Boston residents, especially the young and the elderly. Its programs, aside from senior home-repair support, include foreclosure support and prevention, graduation equivalency diploma support for high school drop-outs and coordination with Egleston Square Main Streets for community building. Its website is

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