Holidays in JP: Expert tips on wines to bring to dinner

With holiday feasts on the horizon, Blanchards Wines & Spirits General Manager Mike Denson gave the Gazette some recommendations for wines and spirits that are sure to impress.

For an affordable bottle of wine, Denson suggested 14 Hands Vineyards’ Hot to Trot Red Blend, a mix of various red grapes, available for $9.99.

“People are looking for an easy table red, and this is great for that,” he said.

For a posher choice, Denton recommended a Montinore Pinot Noir for $16.97. The organic wine is “very hot,” he said.

For a wine splurge, Denton suggested a restaurant favorite, Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon for $75.99.

“This is top of the wine list at restaurants,” a sign of high quality, Denton explained. “It’s big, dry and great with meats. It kills with a steak.”

As for a gift of alcohol, Denton said, “brown liquors are trending way, way up” this year. He suggested a rye or bourbon.

The Willett Estate bourbon currently on sale for $48.99 at Blanchards is all from a single cask, hand-chosen by Blanchard’s at the distillery.

“It was bottled for us,” Denton said.

And champagne?

“Perrier Jouet. It’s really good, especially for the price.”

A bottle sells for $34.97 at Blanchards.

Blanchards is located at 741 Centre St. in central JP. For more information, see

A bottle of 14 Hands wine. (Courtesy Photo)

A bottle of 14 Hands wine. (Courtesy Photo)

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