JP musician makes Midway tour stop

Stevie Weinstein-Foner, the musician son of local activist Laura Foner, returned to his hometown and performed at the Midway Café Friday, Nov. 29.

“It always feels good to come back. I have a lot of friends who still in the area,” Weinstein-Foner told the Gazette last week. “I’m really happy to be taking these songs on the road and playing them for people who might be hearing them live for the first time.”

SWF—Weinstein-Foner’s stage name—is on tour supporting his debut rock album, “Let It Be Told,” which was recorded in Memphis, Tenn.

“I used to play shows at the Midway when I was in high school with my first band. We had a song called ‘The Midway.’ I have a rich personal history there, so it’s exciting to be bringing what I’m doing now back to this place,” he said.

Foner, who works as the children’s librarian at the Connolly branch of the public library, told the Gazette she’s proud of her son.

“He is a talented musician and performer, but [I’m] more [proud of him] because he is a compassionate and thoughtful person,” she said, adding that it feels “wonderful” to have him perform in his old neighborhood.

The Midway Café is located at 3496 Washington St. Weinsten-Foner’s album is available for steaming at

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