CPCAY to dig deeper into bus yard move

The Community Planning Committee for the Arborway Yard (CPCAY) will further investigate a plan to move a MBTA bus yard facility a mile away from the Forest Hills area to the American Legion Highway, according to CPCAY member Allan Ihrer.

A new bus yard is slated to replace the temporary bus facility currently located along Washington Street as soon as the MBTA funds the project. Several acres of the site would be given to the City for redevelopment as housing and commercial space.

Ihrer has proposed building a permanent bus yard along American Legion Highway between Walk Hill and Morton Streets. The property is currently owned by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation and used as a composting site. His plan would free up the entire Forest Hills site for housing and commercial redevelopment.

The MBTA has said that it will not move the bus yard to the American Legion Highway location.

Ihrer, who remarked he was not making an official CPCAY statement, said the group discussed his proposal during a Jan. 22 meeting and it is “generally thought to have much merit and worth further investigation.”

He said CPCAY plans to hold a public meeting to get residents input on the American Legion Highway proposal.

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