On the Police Beat, March 23-April 6, 2014

April 11, 2014

The following police incident reports are public records provided by the Community Service Office of the District E-13 Police Station, which is solely responsible for their content. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

April 6: Larceny shoplifting, 704 Centre St.; larceny from vehicle, 665 Centre St.; threats, 31 St. Rose St.

April 5: Violation of city ordinance, 28 Seaverns Ave.; violation of city ordinance, 3064 Washington St.; Juan E. Chalas of Roslindale and Jennifer C. Edgecomb of Somerville charged with Class A drug possession, Centre St.; assault and battery, 10 Lamartine St.; stolen vehicle recovered, 11 Claxton St.

April 4: Hit and run (property), 65 Burnett St.; Carly B. Noonan of Woburn arrested on warrant, Estrella St.; Edwin Alvarez-Concepcion of Charlestown arrested on warrants, Estrella St.; assault and battery, 3091 Washington St.; threats, 155 Williams St.; assault and battery, 285 Chestnut Ave.; stolen vehicle recovered, 29 Bynner St.

April 3: Hit and run (property), 12 Ophir St.; assault and battery, Washington St.; stolen license plates, Centre St.; vandalism, 3064 Washington St.; hit and run (property), 88 W. Walnut Park.

April 2: Charles E. Dothard of Roxbury and Larry Darnell Mervin of Roxbury charged with assault with dangerous weapon (knife), Columbus Ave.; vandalism, 170 Heath St.; hit and run (property), 133 Williams St.

April 1: Benjamin Coffey of JP arrested on warrant, 20 Amory Ave.; threats, 9 Dixwell St.

March 31: Leroy Franklin of Boston charged with assault and battery, 934 Parker St.; larceny from vehicle, 3145 Washington St.; Aaron J. Weil of JP charged with breaking and entering of residence in day without force and arrested on warrant, Boylston St.; hit and run (property), 3167 Washington St.; firearm/weapon found/confiscated, 375 Centre St.; larceny, 90 Bynner St.; evading fare, 16 John A. Andrew St.; Elvis Lorenzo of JP charged with Class D drug possession with intent to distribute, Danforth St.; juvenile arrested in service to other police department, 47 Walden St.; stolen vehicle recovered, 192 Chestnut Ave.; vandalism, Wyman St.

March 30: Hit and run (property), Columbus Ave.; assault and battery, 5 Union Ave.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 21 Chilcott Place; larceny from vehicle, 14 Glenside Ave.; Dashawn Darrell Williams of Roxbury charged with assault and battery, 5 Union Ave.; larceny from vehicle, 16 Glenside Ave.; fraud, 673 Centre St.; vandalism, 283 Chestnut Ave.; larceny from vehicle, 26 Robeson St.; larceny, 659 Centre St.; larceny, 1990 Columbus Ave.; fraud, 4 Marlou Terrace; hit and run (property), 3347 Washington St.

March 29: Vandalism, 62 Hyde Park Ave.; larceny from vehicle, Beecher St.; fraud, 6 Hyde Park Ave.

March 28: Emanuel Jose Villalobos of JP charged with assault and battery, 231 Amory St.; Nicholas Matthew Moniz of Roslindale charged with operating under influence of alcohol, S. Huntington Ave.; assault and battery, 144 McBride St.; armed robbery of residence, 170 Heath St.; assault and battery, 47 Cornwall St.; Stephen M. McDermott of Quincy, Roger Richard Menard of Quincy, Keith John Hosea of Boston, Elisamuel Colon of Dorchester and Tyrome Colon of Mission Hill charged with trafficking in heroin, 284 Amory St.; vandalism, 9 Porter St.; hit and run (property), 227 Heath St.

March 27: Vandalism, McBride St.; larceny from vehicle, 930 Parker St.; threats, 3696 Washington St.; Milvian M. Rodriguez of Roxbury, Miguel A. Iraheta of JP and Esvin Ricardo Gramajo-Morales of Lynn charged with assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 8 Beethoven St.; attempted armed robbery of gas station (knife), 525 Centre St.; fire, 8 Parkton Road; breaking and entering of residence, 144 Minden St.; bomb threat, 413 Centre St.; hit and run (property), 8 Weld Ave.

March 26: Threats, 4 Marbury Terrace; larceny from vehicle, 304 Centre St.; assault and battery, 3701 Washington St.; armed robbery (knife), 30 Armstrong St.; assault with dangerous weapon (knife), 275 Centre St.; assault and battery, Columbus Ave.; threats, 545 Centre St.

March 25: Hit and run (property), 3555 Washington St.; Sherrie S. Stone of Dorchester charged with forgery or uttering, 1965 Columbus Ave.; firearm/weapon found/confiscated, 375 Centre St.; fraud, 268 Centre St.; William Otero of JP charged with Class B drug possession, 90 Bickford St.; vandalism, 1542 Columbus Ave.; fraud, 76 Sheridan St.; larceny from vehicle, 8 Parkton Road; vandalism, 1542 Columbus Ave.; armed robbery of residence (gun), 90 Forbes St.; larceny from vehicle, 22 Robeson St.

March 24: Fire, 2000 Columbus Ave.; Stanley Harris of JP charged with robbery of residence with firearm, 62 Tower St.; assault and battery, 70 Bragdon St.; Class B drug possession, Sylvia St.; Ruben Tevenal of Dorchester charged with larceny shoplifting under $50, 301 Centre St.; larceny from vehicle, 340 Perkins St.; hit and run (property), 24 Porter St.

March 23: Larceny from vehicle, Bromley St. (two reports); larceny from vehicle, 954 Parker St.; fraud, 720 Centre St.