JP Kids: Tips for natural baby goods

Parents looking for all-natural items for babies can find a one-stop shop at Hatched, located at 5 Green St. in central JP. Hatched owner Liz Vittori Koch recently gave the Gazette her top five product recommendations for new parents.

First on her list is a natural sheep skin manufactured by Kaiser Baby in Poland, retailing for $95. Vittori Koch said it is a great item for new babies to lay on, both belly-up and belly-down. It is tanned with mimosa flowers instead of chemicals, she said, and is not treated with any flame-retardants. It is also very soft for babies’ skins.

Vittori Koch also recommended an organic merino wool kimono-style sweater made by Lanacare. The fleecy-finish sweater sells for $58.50 at Hatched.

“It’s an amazing knit,” Vittori Koch said.

Vittori Koch also recommended a $10 Buddha Belly Herbal Rub, an all-purpose ointment for all skin irritations, including diaper rash and minor burns. That product is made just across the JP border in Brookline, she said, with no synthetic fragrances or parabens, and is also cloth-diaper safe.

As for a pacifier, Vittori Koch recommended a simple, all-natural rubber $8 Natursutte model produced in Italy. The manufacturer is a family that has been making the same product for nearly a century, she said. It is naturally silicone- and BPA-free.

Finally, Vittori Koch suggested an all-natural wood play gym that retails for $68, a price on par with plastic gyms sold at major retailers, she pointed out—except the Spieltrainer gym offered at Hatched is made in Germany of solid, sustainably-harvested wood and treated with water-based finishes, she said.

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Hatched owner Liz Vittori Koch behind her counter at 5 Green St. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

Hatched owner Liz Vittori Koch behind her counter at 5 Green St. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

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