On the Police Beat, May 5-18, 2014

May 23, 2014

The following police incident reports are public records provided by the Community Service Office of the District E-13 Police Station, which is solely responsible for their content. All suspects are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

May 18: Assault and battery, 1998 Columbus Ave.; explosives turned in/found, 25 Rosemary St.; larceny, 1890 Columbus Ave.; Yeferson Medina of Roxbury arrested on warrant, 1853 Columbus Ave.; Herbert Hernandez of JP arrested on warrant, 50 Lamartine St.; hit and run (property), 60 Forest Hills St.

May 17: Dangerous/hazardous condition, 12 Anson St.; Nigel Peterson of Dorchester charged with assault and battery, Amory St.; threats, 3091 Washington St.; Scott Rudnisky of Holbrook arrested on warrant, South St.; criminal harassment, 19 Pond St.; hit and run (property), Washington St.; assault and battery, 4 Estrella St.; license premise violation, 597 Centre St.; assault and battery, 56 Bragdon St.

May 16: Assault and battery, Centre St.; Class B drug possession, Green St.; Miguel Trillo of Woonsocket, R.I. arrested on warrant, Minden St.; larceny from vehicle, School St.

May 15: Todd Anthony Hargraves of Dorchester arrested on warrant, 103 School St.; auto theft, 60 Union Ave.; assault and battery with dangerous weapon, 11 Cleaves St.

May 14: Fraud, 339 S. Huntington Ave.; ballistics evidence found, Mozart St.; Arthur Dimeo of Cambridge arrested on warrant, Washington St.

May 13: Unarmed robbery, 684 Centre St.; vandalism, 2055 Columbus Ave.; drug violation, Lamartine St.; service to other police department, 15 Jess St.; firearm/weapon found/confiscated, 3347 Washington St.; stolen vehicle recovered, 17 Bickford St.; breaking and entering of non-residence, 80 Hyde Park Ave.; larceny, 80 Hyde Park Ave.; larceny, 784 Centre St.; unarmed robbery, New Washington St.; hit and run (property), Centre St.

May 12: Larceny, 75 Bickford St.; drug violation, 3347 Washington St.; larceny, 40 Halifax St.; stolen vehicle recovered, 5 Burnett St.

May 11: Ballistics evidence found, 12 Ernst St.; vandalism, S. Huntington Ave.; hit and run (property), 678 Centre st.; vandalism, 32 Forbes St.; vandalism, 184 School St.; vandalism, 8 Copley St.; vandalism, 4 Marbury Terrace; larceny from vehicle, Bromley St.; vandalism, 60 Bickford St.; fraud, 670 Centre St.

May 10: Assault and battery, 435 S. Huntington Ave.; threats, 3232 Washington St.; larceny, 20 Jamaicaway; assault and battery, 7 Glines Ave.; sexual assault (location classified); Daphne D. Green of Roxbury and Kevin Ashe of JP charged as disorderly persons, 3064 Washington St.; child abandonment, 7 Ackley Place; vandalism, 297 Centre St.

May 9: Larceny shoplifting, 301 Centre St.; assault and battery, 114 Amory St.; hit and run (property), 42 Patten St.; drug violation, Amory St.; drug violation, Green St.; stolen bicycle, 248 Amory St.; juvenile charged with Class D drug possession with intent to distribute, Green St.; Nelson Riopedre of Dorchester charged with trespassing, 301 Centre St.; hit and run (property), 28 Evergreen St.

May 8: Ballistics evidence found, 218 Jamaicaway; larceny from vehicle, 164 School St.; juvenile arrested on warrant, 950 Parker St.; larceny, 42 St. John St.; Class A drug possession, South St.; larceny shoplifting, 301 Centre St.; juvenile charged with trespassing, 950 Parker St.; larceny, 32 Sheridan St.; Clarence Irby of JP, Erving Sanchez of JP, Henry Caribe of JP and Victoriano Ramos of JP charged with liquor-drinking in public, 287 Centre St.; fraud, 164 Hyde Park Ave.; unarmed  robbery, 2000 Columbus Ave.; larceny, 6 Cerina Road.

May 7: Jeffrey Vance Barrows of Brockton, Luis Roberto Garcia of JP and three juveniles charged with trespassing, 944 Parker St.; Jasmany Ortega of Dorchester charged with larceny $200 and over, 84 Sheridan St.; unarmed robbery, 277 Centre St.

May 6: Larceny from vehicle, Forbes St.; larceny from vehicle, 394 Centre St.; larceny, 1542 Columbus Ave.; hit and run (property), Asticou Road; Arthur G. Dimeo of Cambridge charged with Class A drug possession, Boylston St.

May 5: Auto theft, 545 Centre St.; threats, 1599 Columbus Ave.; Bryan J. Tirado of Dorchester arrested on warrant, 315 Centre St.; Roberto Castro of Roxbury charged with larceny in a building $200 and over, 67 Spring Park Ave.; hit and run (injury; two reports), 61 School St.; Kenneth D. Medwar of West Roxbury charged with Class A drug possession with intent to distribute, 90 South St.; attempted unarmed robbery, Day St.