Meat CSA offered at JP Crossfit

JP Crossfit at 54 Hyde Park Ave. offers something most other Crossfit gyms don’t: a monthly meat-purchasing pick-up.

Walden Local Meat Co. offers it wares through a “community-supported agriculture” (CSA) deal, an agreement between farmers and consumers where the customer pre-pays for a share of the farmer’s crop.

Walden supplies only grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork and chicken. JP Crossfit owner Logan said that Crossfit “naturally dovetails into a lifestyle where people want to eat more naturally.”

“People were very excited that they’d be able to sign up” for the monthly drop-off, Miller said. “It’s all about eating a little healthier and getting away from the processed lifestyle.”

JP Crossfit is only a drop-off point for the CSA. Anyone can sign up for a share, starting from $49 a month, according to the Walden Local Meat Co. website.

“It’s who we established a relationship with,” Walden founder Charlie Cummings told the Gazette. “A lot of people there do a paleo diet,” which involves a very high protein intake, he explained.

Crossfit is a competitive endurance workout that incorporates elements of interval training, weight-lifting and gymnastics.

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