JPNC Forest Hills Committee to add members

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) is expecting to add community and JPNC members to an ad hoc committee about various Forest Hills developments at its June 24 meeting.

Current members include Anne Barrett, Bernie Doherty, Kristy Nardone, Mike O’Connor, Kyle Smith, JPNC Chair Kevin Moloney, Michael Reiskind and Jerry O’Connor as Interim Chair.

The committee has already held an initial meeting to discuss the scope of the committee’s work and to hear from community members who want to join, O’Connor told the Gazette.

At the full JPNC meeting on June 24, up to 10 non-council community members will be added to the committee.

“Ideally, this committee would have abroad enough scope of vision to be able to advise usefully and help come up with good ideas about how to make [all the various projects in the area] work together,” O’Connor said.

Developments underway would create as many as 540 new housing units in a quarter-mile circle around the Forest Hills MBTA station. The 2008 Forest Hills Improvement Initiative (FHII), created with Boston Redevelopment Authority support, allows for several hundred more on yet-undeveloped parcels.

The area is also the site of the Casey Arborway project, which will demolish the Casey Overpass and replace it with a street network by 2016. And there is also the potential for the permanent Arborway bus yard to begin construction, assuming the MBTA finally funds it.

The JPNC’s website is

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