Letter: State government should divest from fossil fuels

Regarding the July 18 article “First Church UU divesting from fossil fuels”:

Right now, Massachusetts pension funds are invested in fossil fuel industries. This is wrong. We should divest from the fossil fuel industries and invest in other industries that do not contribute to climate change.

Climate change is already affecting Massachusetts. It casts a wet blanket over the economy. Weather fluctuations beyond the norm reduce returns on crops and thus hurt the sectors of the economy that are connected to the agriculture industry.

By divesting from the fossil fuel industry, Massachusetts will send the right message to the rest of the country: climate change is no joke and the threat it poses needs to be taken with utmost seriousness. We can no longer support industries that harm the people of Massachusetts, the people in the United States, and ultimately the entire planet. By choosing the path of divestment Massachusetts can blaze a trail for the rest of the nation to follow.

Johannes Kieding

Jamaica Plain

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  1. mark abrams
    August 18, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Climate change is a political issue not a scientific one because at present we are unable to adequately model the earths climate so as to able to make accurate projections of what the temperature will be 6 months from now, let alone 10 years from now. The purpose of pensions is to provide an income stream for pensioners. To invest on the basis of political preference rather than to maximize the return for the pensioners is a breach of fiduciary duty. To do so is ethically reprehensible and criminal. The editors should be ashamed of themselves for suggesting it.

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