Holidays in JP: Streetcar’s tips for holiday meal beer selections

If you’re searching for an unusual beer to bring to holiday dinner with friends or serve at your own table, look no further than JP’s Streetcar Wine & Beer. Streetcar’s David Dougan suggested three options now in stock or soon available:

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project’s Our Finest Regards ($12 for a 22-oz bottle.)

The Somerville-based Pretty Things brewery released this “English-style barleywine” beer in October. But the time is right to buy it, Dougan says, because “this incredibly strong and malty style of beer generally benefits from a bit of aging. We actually still have a handful of bottles left of last year’s edition and they are tasting great right now.”

Dougan says the beer has a flavor of dried fruits, figs and toasted sweet malt. “This one is definitely a sipper to share with friends,” because the alcohol content “hovers around 13 percent,” he says.

Brouwerij Bockor N.V.’s Cuvée Des Jacobins Rouge ($27 for a 4-pack of 11-oz bottles.)

This is an “awesome example” of a Flanders red ale—and so is Bockor’s less expensive option, Vanderghinste Oud Bruin.

“Jacobins is extremely tart, vinegary, with tons of dark cherry flavor. This is an intense beer that you find yourself sipping slowly and savoring every drop,” Dougan says. “If the idea of a sour beer is a little scary to you, start with the Vanderghinste Oud Bruin first, or Rodenbach for less extreme but classic versions of the style.”

Idle Hands’ Endling (expected to be available Dec. 18, not yet priced.)

Streetcar and JP’s Vee Vee restaurant have teamed up with the Everett-based Idle Hands brewery to create custom, small-batch beers. They call the team-up the Centre Street Consortium. A beer purchase doesn’t get more local than this, as the products are available exclusive at those three locations.

Endling, a “dark, fruity and lightly sour beer,” is the second product of their effort. (Even its label will be local, created by local artist James Weinberg.) The first was Rosemary For Remembrance, a Thanksgiving-themed beer that contained rosemary and sweet potatoes.

Streetcar Wine & Beer is located at 488 Centre St. (617-522-6416,

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