Letter: Thanks to Parks commissioner for park fixes

The Franklin Park Coalition wants to applaud new Parks Commissioner Chris Cook for long-overdue park clean-up projects. The commissioner’s leadership means that the standard use of a beautiful Franklin Park hillside, Scarboro Hill, to store sand, soil, gravel and park debris has ceased. Visit the site! There’s a long view of the golf course and clubhouse, the historic plaques are once again visible, and park walkers no longer need think they have walked into a maintenance area.

The site just outside the Franklin Park Yard, the home of citywide park maintenance operations, along the much-used walking loop in the park looks as though it is also receiving much-needed attention. Long a place for Parks Department dumping, piles of soil have been removed, a first step towards reclaiming this area as parkland for the thousands of community members who walk the 2.25-mile loop for exercise, even in this winter weather.

Thank you, Commissioner Cook! The Franklin Park Coalition looks forward to another year of productive work together.

Christine Poff

Executive Director

Franklin Park Coalition

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