Letter: It’s not too late to replace Casey with a new bridge

The letter in the July 3 issue of the Jamaica Plain Gazette signed by four state reps., a state senator and three city councilors, “How to give your Casey demolition input,” amounts to rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic is going down.

When Interstate 95 was planned to go through our town in the early ’70s, local politicians did not set about facilitating the ship slipping beneath the waves. They stopped it from sinking.

The letter mentions “infuriating traffic” and states of folks who “envisioned some disruption” that “they were right.” It goes on to tell us how let the DOT know about this. They already know.

This disruption to traffic that previously used the Casey Overpass exists due to the addition of two sets of traffic signals. Imagine what it will be when the project is complete with five sets of traffic signals.

The DOT admits traffic will be slower when their project is complete and that 400 more hours of motor vehicle emissions will be added to the atmosphere every day forever.

I-95 was stopped after 700 families and 300 business were displaced by eminent domain. It’s not too late to replace the Casey Overpass with a much lower, shorter, narrower, common-sense solution. Forest Hills needs a bridge.

John Lovett

Jamaica Plain

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