Letter: Arborway plan coverage

It was great to see front-page coverage for the Oct. 14 Arborway plan community meeting. (Protected bike lanes, other concerns raised over DCR Arborway plan, Oct. 23)

But, I was disappointed with the tone of the headline and the first paragraph—which were both negative and misleading. A Gazette reader would get the impression that no one at the meeting praised the new Arborway plan.

That is quite false. I didn’t count the comments, but it seemed that a majority of comments were favorable. Even the people who “raised concerns” over on-road bike lanes (without a physical barrier) generally prefaced their remarks by saying the plan is a huge improvement over existing conditions. Your article skews the overall reception of the public really badly, not quoting any praise until the next-to-last paragraph on page 9.

Furthermore, the writer’s description of a “modern roundabout” (“four entrances and four exits”) is simply incorrect. The main characteristics of a modern roundabout all have to do with slowing vehicles when entering, circling and exiting the roundabout—and clarifying movements.

Compared to our huge rotaries a roundabout has: (1) a tighter curve (or turning radius) in the roundabout itself, and (2) a tighter turning radius at the entrances and exits. Tighter curves force a vehicle to slow down, which reduces accidents and improves safety.

Don Eunson

Jamaica Plain resident

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