Letter: Service at JP Post Office not so bad

If we compare our post office efficiency with other Boston branches, I think the JP branch is serving us very well. The idea that we cannot wait a few minutes to be served, reflects a general impatience that is surfacing more and more in our society. No one is waiting hours for their turns in line. We are waiting minutes. As for packages getting lost—I hate to disillusion anyone, but mail gets lost in every town. It happens. It’s frustrating and annoying, but the assumption that the JP staff loses more letters than any other city/town has not been factually substantiated.

Instead of being grateful for having our own post office, we compare and complain. I have seen the post office staff try very hard to assist people in complicated situations. I have seen them be patient with extreme customer rudeness. Do I like waiting in line? Nope. But it’s part of life. There is a machine in the outer lobby, for many services; where there is rarely a line. But if you think waiting in line is inconvenient now; imagine the inconvenience of having to drive to another part of the city to buy stamps or send packages.

Margaret Mariam Rosenthal

Jamaica Plain resident

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