Verizon to eventually bring fiber-optic network to Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain residents will eventually have more choices for their broadband providers due to a new partnership between Verizon and Boston. Verizon will invest $300 million over six years to replace the existing copper-based infrastructure with a fiber-optic network platform to offer large bandwidths and speeds, according to a press release.

The change is expected to spur competition for broadband and entertainment services in Boston. The partnership is also expected to improve wireless services in Boston by enabling Verizon to attach wireless equipment to city street lights and utility poles, helping residents get faster service.

The project will begin in Dorchester, West Roxbury, and the Dudley Square neighborhood of Roxbury this year. Jamaica Plain will be in the second wave of implementation, along with Hyde Park, Mattapan, and other areas of Roxbury. The project is expected to go through an expedited permitting process to encourage quicker installation.

The next step for the City is to begin the cable television licensing process. Upon successful completion of that process, Verizon expects to offer Fios TV service in Boston.

“This transformation isn’t just about advanced new fiber-optic technology –it’s about the innovative services this platform will allow people to create and use, today and in the future,” said Verizon Wireline Network President Bob Mudge, according to the press release. “We are delivering the promise of the digital world to families, schools and medical facilities, businesses and entrepreneurs, while strengthening our neighborhoods and communities. We are a proud partner in building toward a brighter, shared future.”

The partnership also includes a “Smart Cities” trial, which addresses traffic safety and congestion along the Massachusetts Avenue corridor. The City with Verizon will experiment with sensors and traffic signal control technology to increase safety, measure bicycle traffic, improve public transit vehicle flow, and decrease congestion. Future “Smart Cities” applications will address other services, which include environmental sensors, energy efficiency, and city lighting management.

Residents and small businesses will have a voice regarding which neighborhoods get fiber-optic technology first. A free online registration process will be used to assess demand and help Verizon prioritize its construction schedule. Residents and businesses should visit to register and cast their vote.


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