Letter: Gun control is needed

Can we agree on one thing, America?  Congress, mostly on the GOP side, is made up of cowards when it comes to the NRA and the overall gun lobby.  One in the same, I guess.

The next mass killing might be 100 school children and it would have no other impact than to have these empty suits call for more prayers and further scrutiny of Muslims. Deny a gun to someone on the no-fly list? Don’t be absurd!

One piece of legislation that might deter future use of high capacity clip weaponry would be to make it a federal offense to own one… with a minimum sentence of 5 Years in prison. Ha! Ha! Say the gun lobbyists, the NRA, and their lackey congressmen and women, soulless cowards that they are. As long as there’s money involved, we, the American people who pay the bills, are, to paraphrase the great George Carlin, screwed!

So, the hand-wringing and lighting of candles, the vigils, etc. following each occurrence of mass murdering will continue, but with less vigor and passion because, after all, how much more can be said over and over again till the citizens finally give up and turn the channel to an episode of Law and Order where, at least, something gets done.

Michel L. Spitzer

Jamaica Plain resident

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