Letter: A divided America

We often talk about there being two Americas, the haves and have nots. The sad reality is that there is a division between the 99 percent. One half believes that there should be opportunity for all, that we should be a compassionate and enlightened nation, one that cares about the future of the planet and recognizes the importance of joining with like-minded nations to achieve a lasting peace. Then there’s the other half … that supports the Republican candidate. These folks support a candidate who will tell you anything to get what he needs, who attracts factions of our country that we thought we had said goodbye to decades ago: THE KU KLUX KLAN and ALL other groups that preach INTOLERANCE. This half of the electorate believes it’s OK to demean women, to mock the handicap, to attack the families of immigrants. Those who support Donald Trump have given new life to a dark side of America.


Michel L. Spitzer

Jamaica Plain resident

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