Q and A with Larry McNeilly of National Braille

Larry McNeilly of Jamaica Plain currently works at National Braille, 88 Saint Stephen St., Boston as a supervisor of the bookstore where he oversees the ordering of books from customs and the inventory of these books. Larry plays a big role in National Braille Press’s mission to promote braille literacy.

Name: Larry McNeilly

Community: Jamaica Plain

Position/Job Title: Publications/Bookstore Customer Service Supervisor

How long have you worked at NBP? Since November 2016

Job Description:

I am the supervisor of the bookstore.  I oversee the ordering of books from customers and the inventory of these books. The orders come in through the phone, internet, mail, email and fax.  I assure we accurately and timely process and mail these orders to our customer.  In addition, I work on the Readbooks program.  I data entry all the requests and mail these bags out on weekly basis. Also, I am in charge of the inventory for this program.

Job Training:

I spent a lot of time with my boss, Tony Grima and I shadowed Jamie Randle who was a customer service representative in the department.  It took about 2-3 months to feel comfortable doing the job. Jamie did a great job with me.  He was good teacher and he really cared about our customers and doing the right thing all the time.

Favorite Parts:

I really enjoy interacting with our customers over the phone.  I feel very happy when we are able to provide a book or another resource to a child, parent, other family member, a librarian or teacher.  My favorite part of NBP is that all employees really believe and contribute to our mission. All of us take tremendous pride in NBP’s mission. We work together each day to get the “job” done!


I would say that we fulfill each order timely and accurately on a daily basis. You can sense that our customer base really trusts NBP with their orders and how we can help someone learn braille and use braille throughout their life.  I get to travel a few times a year and it is awesome to meet our customers “face to face” at our company’s booth at various conventions or conference.  It is amazing to see “people’s joy” when they are at our table. 


My main hobby is watching Boston sports team.  My main activity away from NBP is taking care of my two elderly parents.  The three of us live together in Jamaica Plain. I grew up in JP and I am now back living there with my parents. I lived there for about 27 years.  My parents have been living in the same house in JP for about 56 years.

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