JP Centre/South Main Street launches crowdfunding campaign to help reopen businesses

JP Centre/South Main Streets has partnered with JP Local First and Patronicity to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support businesses trying to reopen and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. 

The crowdfund campaign, that can be found at hopes to raise $40,000 to support and enhance a vibrant business district, which contributes to a diverse, welcoming community for people to live, work, and visit. 

“We employ one full-time staff member and have an active board, who are joined by dozens of volunteers from throughout Jamaica Plain,” the group said in a statement. “We ask for your support so we can increase our capacity to help local businesses and build community during these challenging times.”

So far the campaign that was launched a few days ago has raised $880 towards its goal. The campaign will end in 26 days. 

“Due to COVID-19, local businesses are faced with the challenge of pivoting their operations to comply with health regulations,” the statement continues. “Ordinarily, summer would be the busiest season for the multicultural array of businesses in our district. Now, with a compressed summer season and new limitations, many local businesses are struggling to stay in operation and pay their staff.”

Given our district’s narrow sidewalks and density of dining establishments, it is crucial that Jamaica Plain businesses adapt outdoor spaces to support local businesses and build social cohesion, while enabling people to follow distancing guidelines. 

The group said with the community’s support in raising its $40,000 goal the group will be able to partner with local designers, businesses, and residents to develop and implement a vision to transform underutilized spaces into community assets. 

The group would also like to expand its “Orange Means Open” campaign to increase visibility for open businesses and attract foot traffic to the district. 

Money raised would go to providing technical and financial assistance so employees, residents, and visitors can benefit from practical outdoor dining spaces that are safe, beautiful, and inviting. 

The fundraising campaign could also help businesses obtain materials and signage to support health, safety, and sanitation and provide spaces that are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. 

“We can also increase greenery and beautify our urban environment, enable locals and visitors to enjoy a wide array of delicious food and drink from a variety of cafes and restaurants in our awesome business district and create a more pleasant, welcoming space for people who are walking and rolling,” said the statement. “We appreciate your support during this period of recovery and reopening. Please give at whatever level is manageable for you and share this giving opportunity with friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family. Our fundraising goal averages out to approximately $1 per Jamaica Plain resident.”

The group pointed to a few examples of businesses in JP Centre/South Main Streets that are pursuing outdoor dining as the economy slowly recovers and things begin to open up. 

There businesses that could benefit from the campaign include; 

Cafe Beirut

Casa Verde

City Feed and Supply


JPizle Kitchen/Columbiana

Little Dipper

Monumental Market

Purple Cactus

The Jeanie Johnston Pub

Tres Gatos

Vee Vee

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