Let’s Go, Tampa Bay!

It’s okay to admit it, Pats’ fans — we were rooting for Tom and Gronk in their playoff game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

It has been jarring to see #12 playing in a Tampa Bay uniform this season — it’s like seeing your long-time ex- with someone else.

But with the Patriots’ dismal season relegating the Pats to the bottom third of the NFL (where they are destined to remain for a while), Tom and Gronk’s playoff run with the Bucs has given us something to cheer about.

True, both are only shadows of their former selves. Brady threw a lot of off-target passes and Gronk had trouble getting open. On the other hand, they connected  for a key first-down deep in New Orleans territory late in the game that led to the Bucs’ clinching score.

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