Janey, City Officials Celebrate Completion of New Firehouse

The city’s first new firehouse in decades is finally up and running, and was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 14, when city officials, elected officials, firefighters, and community members gathered at the Engine 42, Rescue 2, District 9 Firehouse at 1870 Columbus Ave.

“This is an amazing day in the City of Boston,” said Acting Mayor Kim Janey. “I am so proud to be here to celebrate the reopening of Engine 42 and the important work that our Boston Fire Department does every single day.”

She continued, “This is particularly important as I think about the amazing men and women who serve on the Boston Fire Department and all of our public safety officials ad the work that they do every single day as essential workers; as folks who are on the front lines who risk their lives every single day to keep all of us safe.”

Boston Fire Department Commissioner Jack Dempsey said that the previous fire station at this location had opened December 19, 1952, and “for 71 years, has served the community with distinction.” He said that the “many firefighters who have passed through this house” have left “a legacy of heroism that is hard to match. Many are long gone, while others stand here today in celebration of the new firehouse which we know will fall in the same tradition of heroic service to the city.”

There are four plaques on the facade of the firehouse that include names of firefighters from the old firehouse who lost their lives in the line of duty.

“Today, October 14, 2021…the current members of District 9, Engine 42, and Rescue 2, will occupy this firehouse and continue the tradition of service to the community and the City of Boston,” Dempsey said.

The new $23.5 million firehouse includes many amenities that are focused on the health and well-being of firefighters.

“We worked with various partners at MassGeneral, the IAFF, and the NFPA to develop the best standards to combat the long-term effects of carcinogens that can be detrimental to a firefighter’s health, said Kerrie Griffin, the city’s Director of Public Facilities.

The new firehouse features compartmentalized air systems with three zones, as well as steam showers, quick gear drying, training space, and more. “Every square inch of this firehouse takes into consideration a firefighter returning from a fire event, as well as their ongoing training,” Griffin said

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