Uplift JP at Nickls & Dimes

JP Centre/South Main Streets held its second Uplift JP event on April 23 at Nickls & Dimes at 668 Centre St.

JP Centre/South Main Streets created the Uplift JP program to support BIPOC-owned businesses in Jamaica Plain. 

According to a recent newsletter from the organization, “A careful look at racial disparity and inequity within our community and organization teaches us that we need to provide added support and actively seek justice for people of color. Racism exists within our business district, and we want to undertake work to prevent racism and harassment from happening. We seek to lift up our businesses with positivity, love, inclusion, equity, and justice. We invite the entire Jamaica Plain community to support, to talk, to ask questions, to learn more, and to voice your opinions. JP Centre/South Main Streets encourages you to join us and contribute to racial justice in Jamaica Plain.”

Nickls & Dimes “is an urban clothing company located on Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, with a focus on one-of-a-kind affordable attire for fashion-forward people of all ages,” according to JP Centre/South Main Streets.

The Event on April 23 featured a fashion show at the City Feed parklet, as well as a wine tasting with Abner Montfleury, a first generation Haitian-American who owns local wine company Montfleur Duvin. It also featured homemade cookies by Nickls & Dimes owner Brie Pullum, who owns The Cookie Don, as well as a raffle for a door prize.

Many people came out to support Nickls & Dimes on April 23 as part of JP Centre/South Main Streets’ Uplift JP initiative. Photo by Deborah J. Karson

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