Good that marriages won’t be under attack

I am writing regarding the agitating Gov. Mitt Romney is doing to ban same-sex marriage.

The Legislature did the right thing, because people in Massachusetts want to move on to more pressing matters. Voters want their government to pay more attention to what matters most in their daily lives, like quality public education, affordable health care and a sound economy.

Individual rights should not be put up to a popular vote. Massachusetts has never put individual and civil rights on the ballot, and it shouldn’t start now.

I would like to add that I am a straight person, and allowing same-sex marriage has not affected my life in any way, other than the happiness I feel for people who are now able to have their relationships made legal.

Legislators, like the majority of people in Massachusetts, have learned that marriage equality has been good for families and communities and has harmed no one. Because of their historic vote, Massachusetts will now be spared what was certain to be an ugly, protracted and expensive ballot fight in 2008. It’s an enormous relief to know that our families and our marriages won’t be under constant attack for the next two years.

Meredith Anderson
Jamaica Plain

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