Resist governor’s ploys to end same sex marriage

It seems that Gov. Mitt Romney will stop at nothing in his quest to outlaw gay marriage. On Dec. 27, the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled on a Romney lawsuit against the legislature. The SJC rejected Mitt’s demands to force the Legislature to vote.

Last week, the Boston Globe reported that Romney is threatening legislators by holding up their pay raises, which are supposed to be automatic.

I urge our legislators to continue to resist Mitt’s ploys. Gay marriage has hurt no one, and it has made many people very happy. My personal experience with it was my joy at the fact that two of my close friends who had been together were finally able to make their union legal.

I believe there are many more pressing matters that need the attention of our legislators, such as education, health care and the economy. Let’s spend our tax money working on improving life in Massachusetts, rather than on a protracted debate about same-sex marriage!

Meredith Anderson
Jamaica Plain

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