Kids create poetry

Courtesy Illustration
John Newton displays the poetry journal he created during a poetry workshop event at the Egleston YMCA.

EGLESTON SQ.–You could almost feel the excitement crackle in the air as the kids finished their poems and colored their poetry café signs for the culmination of a week’s work during winter break at the Egleston YMCA.

During the week, Matt Crichton and Luis Hernandez facilitated a poetry workshop with a group of 6- to 11- year olds that included such things as a poetry scavenger hunt, listening to people speak their poetry and creating “challenge poems”—where an older student made a poem with words others from the group did not know. Everyone looked them up to learn the meanings.

Crichton and Hernandez used the framework of discovery, learning, creating and sharing in the workshop. The young people discovered what they love through poetry, such as dinosaurs. The kids enjoyed reading their poems. They learned about each others’ interests and how to put that into a poem.

The kids said afterwards that they got a lot out of the workshop. Kalani Butler said she learned “how to write poems.” Seven-year-old Luis Urena said he learned that speaking loudly when reading his poem is important and to “take a deep breath” before reading. The young people also learned how to organize a poetry café. They created many, many poems. Rosean Mckenzie said she would recommend the workshop to other kids because “they might like poetry.”

On the last day they shared their poems with the other kids and parents at the Egleston YMCA in a poetry cafe.

The organizers are working on putting the video from the poetry cafe on DVD to share with a wider audience. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help with future workshops should contact Matt Crichton at 542-1800 ext. 32.

Submitted by workshop organizers.

Courtesy Ilustration
Kiarabel Lopez made a poetry cafe sign for the poetry workshop event.


When I was playing basketball
I made a slam dunk in the fall.
I went to the mall with nick
Then he crashed into a brick.
I saw him in the bed eating some bread.
His sister came and saw him in the room
She said do you like my perfume?
Nick said just get out of my room.
Nick said its time to say bye so
Adiós mi amigos see you next time.

Chased by dinosaurs!

Look at those giant
T-Rex Wasn’t involved yet
But they can’t fly

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