No salt for dogs’ sake

The following open letter was sent last week to City Councilor John Tobin regarding the March 30 JP Gazette article about his proposal that the city provide salt and sand for JP residents during inclement weather. Less than
48 hours later the writer received the response that follows.

First of all, thank you for all you do in our community. We are a community that is coined by many in our neighborhood as “dog heaven.”

Please take into consideration as you propose to the city that JP have salt and sand accessible to residents during winter weather that you do not include salt in the proposal!

The use of salt, especially when it is free, will be plentiful and burns our poor puppy’s feet. As we walk around the neighborhood during unpleasant weather we cannot be out long before our dog Lou Lou begins to lift her paws and whine as the overuse of salt burns through her pads and webs of her paws.

We have made so many strides working with the city to use compost over pesticides. Please take this one more dog-friendly step by removing salt from your proposal, for our neighborhood and environment. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Rachel Houk Seeger
Jamaica Plain

E-mailed response from City Councilor John Tobin: Excellent point, and I will remove it from the proposal.

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