Oil Change

The long-abandoned Washington Street gas station at the northern gateway to Roslindale Village was locked down and scrubbed clean in March in what City Councilor Rob Consalvo called a “two- or three-day attack” by agencies ranging from the police to the Inspectional Services Department (ISD). The property at 4238-4244 Washington St. is now up for sale, and an e-mail pitching a condo development is reportedly circulating in the community and among city officials. Consalvo said the parcel could fit well into a growing Roslindale and match the forthcoming redevelopment of the nearby MBTA substation. But, he added, the property isn’t out from under the microscope yet. “The city is looking at legal steps to take control of the property from the owner,” he said, adding that any future use will come with full community process.

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