Fresh (H)air time

Sandee Storey

Fresh (H)air tim

The local beauty salon Fresh Hair, owned by JP resident Joy Silverstein, has been the focus of some positive media coverage lately. Silverstein said she finds the coverage “exciting.”
The Channel 5 local program Chronicle visited the salon at 42 South Street and plans to include it in their upcoming feature about “green” businesses. Fresh Hair is the first local business to use solar thermal panels to heat water. Everyone who gets their hair washed at Fresh Hair enjoys knowing that at least some of the water was warmed by the sun.
Chronicle was also interested in the local salon, according to Silverstein, because it recycles and uses products with natural ingredients.
The show scheduled to be aired at 7:30 p.m. some weekday soon.
Allure Magazine spotlighted Fresh Hair for a different reason—for its safe tanning services. In the May issue devoted to skin care, the magazine praises Fresh Hair for offering spray tanning at a reasonable price.
Fresh Hair also received a Community Newspaper Company Reader’s Choice Award recently.
On a related note, Silverstein said that sister business Fresh Copy, a copying and office supply store next door, is for sale. She said she is too busy to manage it right now.

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