Same-sex marriage victory makes many people proud

My wife and I have worked for many years seeking equal marriage rights for same-sex families like ours. The vote at the Constitutional Convention last month was an amazing milestone—worked and prayed for, yet still a miracle.

Last week, some time after the vote, I took my children to have dinner with their great-grandmother at her assisted living facility where we are regular visitors. After dinner, one of the residents came over to tell us she had our picture from the newspaper on her apartment door and to tell us what a wonderful thing this vote was for Massachusetts. Another wheeled herself over to congratulate us on our victory and to say how happy she was about it. A third told us her daughter was also involved in the fight for marriage equality.

This victory goes well beyond the benefits it holds for gay and lesbian couples and their children. It touches every corner of our Commonwealth, of which I am immensely proud to be a citizen.

Claire E. Humphrey
Jamaica Plain

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