Construction signs required

Major building construction—even if it’s “as of right”—now must be described on large, on-site signs so nearby residents know what is going on, under a new city Inspectional Services Department (ISD) rule.

As of right construction means that no zoning variance and no public meetings are required. New houses built as of right on rapid schedules have been controversial in Jamaica Plain in recent years. In response to such concerns, local City Councilor John Tobin proposed similar signage rules a year ago.

The signs will be required for any excavation for a new building or an addition that increases a building’s footprint. Signs are also required for any work involving extended hours or long-term street or sidewalk closures.

The signs must be on plywood or a banner. For one- or two-family houses, the signs must be at least 2 by 4 feet. For larger projects, the signs must be at least 4 by 8 feet.

Information must include: a project description; the address; building permit details; the developer’s name and telephone number, along with an emergency phone number; and the expected completion date.

The signs must go up a week before work begins and remain up until work is finished and a city building official gives the OK.

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