Self Esteem Boston sends public message

Jamaica Plain-based Self Esteem Boston will launch its second citywide public service campaign on building healthy self-esteem this fall. The campaign, titled “Do you have Extreme Esteem… How Do You Measure Success,” will consist of the six elements of self-esteem, represented by six women spanning the generations. There will be women from their 20s to a woman in her 80s.

“All you have to do is look around and see how women are being portrayed in the media, and what women are expected to do to be accepted in society. For example, I am alarmed at the alcohol marketing targeting young women” said Marion B. Davis, president of Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute, a nonprofit charitable agency providing self-esteem educational programs to people in the greater Boston area. “This is only one example,” she added. “You can see so many examples, from world leaders, to ourselves, of where we could all be living with greater self-esteem.”

The campaign, funded in part by Boston Medical Center, portrays women providing real life examples of the six elements of self-esteem: self-responsibility, self-acceptance, living consciously, acting with integrity, living purposefully and being self-assertive. Jamaica Plain resident Sheila Pritchard, who says she is proud to be in her 80s, also appears in the televised public service announcement.

The campaign focuses on the strength of women whose self-esteem has been challenged through the generations by societal and cultural values, domestic violence and becoming violated by family members.

“We are now in a place in our society where we have the opportunity to lead and educate young women and men, so that they can experience a more positive reality… It all begins with us, and our ability to role model the principles of self-esteem,” said Audrey Valeriani of JP, who is board chair of Self Esteem Boston and author of a new book on self-esteem.

Self Esteem Boston is looking for volunteers and board members. To learn more about these opportunities and resources on building healthy self-esteem, please call 983-1111 or see
From a Self Esteem Boston press release.

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