Residents need to be invested in improving, uniting the city

I want to thank all those who took the time to vote on Nov. 6. Although it was a quiet election, it was an important one. The voters demonstrated to me that they are invested in our great city and believe in its future.

The low voter turnout, however, signifies that we need to intensify our outreach efforts to all residents and get them involved in discussions about making Boston a place we are all proud to call home. While we couldn’t change the weather on Election Day, we can change how people view their abilities to make their voices heard. It’s time we get people excited to be a part of a movement where we stand together and dedicate ourselves to building a better Boston—and a united Boston.

As we seek to unite Boston, we must remember that unity starts with our city leaders. That’s why it is so important that clergy, business professionals, neighborhood activists, educators, our mayor and our City Council work as a cohesive community where new ideas are valued and civic engagement is a top priority.

While this election cycle has ended, our campaign to make Boston a better place has only started. In part, that’s because crime and violence will continue to go on. Students will continue to drop out and families will continue to move out. Those things will continue to happen unless we take serious steps to eradicate the violence in our neighborhoods and create better access to stable employment, strong performing schools and affordable housing.

I am committed to the city of Boston and I believe in its residents. As an at-large city councilor, I am grateful for the chance to keep working with you and for you for the next two years.

Michael Flaherty
Boston City Council, At-Large

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