Crowd enjoys ice despite snow

If you need a reminder of how great it is to live in Jamaica Plain, here is one: On Jan. 27, over 55 people made their way through the snow to the First Church of Jamaica Plain Unitarian Universalist at the Monument. Once there, they heard Charlie Rosenberg—JP resident, Jamaica Plain Historical Society (JPHS) webmaster and amateur historian—deliver a wonderful talk on the history of ice harvesting on Jamaica Pond. Charlie had photos to show the location, mechanics and logistics of this highly important 19th century Jamaica Plain industry and followed those up with some silent movies that animated his words. Much discussion ensued over hot cider, coffee and delicious snacks. Many thanks to all the participants—listeners, JPHS and First Church folks alike. JP has such wonderful history to learn about and remains a great place to be in this new year of 2008!

Gretchen Grozier
President, Jamaica Plain Historical Society
Jamaica Plain

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