Thanks for support for fund-raiser

On behalf of Egleston Square Main Street, we would like to thank the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury communities for supporting Hot Jazz—Cool Neighborhood. This event—our first fund-raiser in many years—generated tremendous energy, support and resources that will help us to grow and prosper.

The Egleston Square neighborhood is a vibrant one, and the many contributions of our merchants and organizations are what make it so. The cross-district Main Street collaboration—demonstrated by the extensive support of our auction and raffle from merchants outside Egleston Square, as well as by the attendance of residents from all corners—underscores the fact that Jamaica Plain is a diverse, strong and unified Boston neighborhood.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Steve Branson and the fabulous Miles Davis tribute band, Bitches Brew, for making this a hip and fun affair, hosted with generosity and spirit by Edwin Velasquez and the Old Stag Tavern. We were also proud to introduce the crowd to the Boston Panthers, Boston’s only NFL-sanctioned semi-pro team, that plays at English High and is based here in Egleston Square.

We also commend Randace Rauscher Moore for her passion for our community and for her key role in making the evening an extraordinary success. We wish her the very best in her new role as executive director of

JP Centre/South Main Streets.
Tim Reardon, President, Board of Directors
Anne Morton Smith, Co-chair Organization Committee
Egleston Square Main Street

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