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“Finding My Horse” is a photograph by Kate Moss.

Kate Moss: Photography, Etching

Spring is upon us. While out and about, our faces no longer hidden behind layers of wool hats and scarves, we can hold our heads up, look around and observe our city. Meanwhile, Jamaica Plain artist Kate Moss has been keenly taking stock of our surroundings for us.

Uncovering the simple pleasures in our lives that we may overlook, Moss plays on themes of perspective and shadow to highlight the dramatic contrasts found in nature.

Moss works primarily in photography and dry-point etching, a labor-intensive process by which an image is physically etched onto a plate. Moss brings her plates to her shows, explaining printmaking techniques to the curious and encouraging people to ask questions. This transparent attitude towards her art is what makes Moss so engaging.

“I see something I like, and then I take a picture,” she said. “I look for things that stimulate me. I am drawn to reflections; I like a lot of windows, reflections of myself, playing with glass, double images.”

Her plays on reflections are haunting, casting unplanned shadows and forcing the viewer to participate in observing the entire environment surrounding Moss and her camera. It is a treat for the viewer to explore not just the action taking place in front of an artist, but also surrounding the artist. Originally from England, Moss also spent some time growing up in Spain and came to the United States 10 years ago. She has been living in Jamaica Plain for five years. “Jamaica Plain is such an amazing little community. I really don’t know where else I would live here in Boston,” she said.

She is also active in the community and will donate her time and work to the second annual Small Works Show and Sale at the Milky Way Lounge on Tues., May 20. [See Happenings.] This fund-raiser will offer an opportunity to purchase works from featured artists, benefiting Jamaica Plain Open Studios (JPOS).

Moss continually stresses the importance of such community activity. “We should give back and say thank you for all the work [the Jamaica Plain Arts Council] has done,” she said.

A taste of Moss’s work is currently on display at Dahn Yoga Studio at 10B Green St. until June 3. She will also display during JPOS in September.

JPOS is celebrating its 15th year as the premiere annual arts event in one of Boston’s most exciting neighborhoods. Open Studios showcases 220 artists at 75 sites. The event is open to the public and will take place Sept. 27 – 28 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, and to preview artists’ work, visit or call 943-7819.

The writer is a volunteer with the Jamaica Plain Arts Council.

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