Fire brought out community’s kindness

On June 3, our home on Dane Street caught fire. Sadly, much of the old house burned; the fire was both fast-moving and intense. Needless to say, we lost almost all of our belongings.

While this has been devastating for our family, we are overwhelmed and touched by the support we’ve received from the JP community. The firefighters and police officers at the scene worked tirelessly to save the house and keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Neighbors helped our kids feel safe, took care of our pets, offered us their homes, food and clothing. Our children’s three Regan Youth League teams found new uniforms and got our children right back on the fields. Local real estate agents have been trying to find us a rental while we rebuild. The JP carpenters who did the original renovation on the house were right back at it the morning after the fire, starting again. The actions, gestures and words we have received from so many have been humbling.

We’re grateful to be part of such a wonderful community, and committed to repairing and restoring the home that we so love. Thanks to all for your generosity.

Will, Jennifer, Sam, Annabelle and George Fulton
Jamaica Plain

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