Boston PILOT payments

The following is a sample of payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) made by Boston nonprofit institutions in Fiscal Year 2008. The PILOT is reported as a dollar amount paid to the city, but part of it may actually have been contributed in other forms to non-municipal organizations.

Boston College $265,317.60
Boston University $4,180,318.28
Boston Symphony $75,853.97
Brigham & Women’s $942,806.99
Children’s Hospital $602,656.25
Harvard University $1,751,460.82
Museum of Fine Arts $28,942.97
Northeastern $30,571.00
Showa Boston $110,521.81
Simmons College $15,000.00
Tufts University $137,615.57
Wentworth $37,975.43
Source: City of Boston budget, provided by City Councilor Stephen Murphy’s Office.

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