Article inspired helping with care packages for soldiers

I want to convey my appreciation for your article (June 27 JP Gazette) about the care packages JP resident Rebecca Kushner has been putting together for soldiers in Iraq. I was most specifically moved by the thought that these collections are for men and women who have been identified as receiving little or no mail from home. I can only imagine how alone they must feel.

I had seen Rebecca’s flyers up around town, and more than once I’d thought to myself, “I should call and see if I could contribute in some way.” I admit that I put it off, or rather, forgot about it, until the next time I saw the flyer. Your article was enough to spur me to call her and get involved in the ways that I can.

Concurrently, I’d been reading that PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder, a.k.a. shell shock or combat fatigue) rates among service people are going up sharply. I also read that those with the least social/emotional support are the most vulnerable to PTSD. I am happy to lend a small effort so these men and women feel, even in a small way, more cared about, supported and connected.

Rebecca says that she is collecting donations for care packages beyond the July 20 deadline mentioned in the article, as there still is a pressing need. (I personally admire her willingness to fill her apartment with the fruits of our donations!) Those interested in helping can contact her at 524-6842. Her web site,, has a list of what is specifically needed.

Laura Liebster
Jamaica Plain

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