Avoiding Street Crime

Street crime rates in Jamaica Plain are relatively low. But residents can improve their safety even more with some simple efforts. The following tips on avoiding assaults and car thefts come from Capt. Christine Michaolsky at JP’s E-13 Police Station and the Boston Police Department. For more information, see www.E13BPD.com.

• Pay attention to your surroundings.

• Avoid walking alone, especially at night. Walk with friends and people you know.

• If you think someone is following you, switch direction or cross the street. Walk towards an open store, restaurant or residence.

• Avoid dimly lit areas.

• Walk with confidence, never giving the appearance of being lost or afraid.

• Never open your door to strangers and always keep your doors locked.

• Know your neighbors.

• Always lock your vehicle—even if you’ll be back in a few minutes—and never leave valuable items in plain view.

• Trust your instincts. If you are ever fearful or suspicious, dial 911 (on a cell phone, 343-4911). Police welcome 911 calls about any type of incident.

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