Palin’s religion doesn’t keep her from lying

Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin professes to be devout in her faith; yet she continues to fudge the truth about her record as she barnstorms with running-mate Sen. John McCain. She was a proponent of the bridge to nowhere in Alaska before it became politically expedient to oppose it! She claims to have been a regular opponent of pork barrel projects, but actively solicited earmarks by hiring a lobbyist for her state. As for her taking credit (by omission) for the seemingly unorthodox approach to unloading the state’s jet by offering it on eBay, we now learn that her state had been doing that for several years before she took office as governor. Since not one of the Ten Commandments prohibits outright lying or fudging of the truth, perhaps she really hasn’t strayed from her Christian faith. Keep it up, Sarah. The bigger the whopper, the more they love you. Amen.

Michel Spitzer
Jamaica Plain

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