Other qualities more important than race

I have followed with interest the response of Sen. Dianne Wilkerson to her loss in the Democratic primary to Sonia Chang-Díaz. Wilkerson seems to be implying that she owns the seat she now occupies, despite her performance, and that someone of another race could not properly represent the citizens of her district.

Integrity, honesty, effectiveness and reliability are what I look for in a state senator. These qualities will always overshadow race for me. Is a state senator (Wilkerson)—who, according to the Boston Globe, missed deadlines in 2007 for filing 26 pieces of legislation—effective and reliable? Is a state senator who could not take the time to gather a sufficient number of signatures to be on the ballot two years ago someone who respects the voters in her district? Is this the way the citizens of the 2nd Suffolk District deserve to be treated? Can we hold Sen. Wilkerson up to our children as a good example of what it means to be a civil servant and positive role model? I think not.

I applaud Sonia Chang-Díaz for running and winning the primary with her agenda of change and I look forward to seeing her win again in November and representing all the residents of her district.

Paul Brown
Jamaica Plain

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