Now more than ever, do business in JP

As you contemplate loading the kids in the car to go to a mall or head for a large discount store, or as you sit at your computer and surf the net for your holiday shopping, please, please consider this: Now more than ever our locally owned Jamaica Plain businesses need your active support.

You might say, “Oh, but the prices are lower,” or “It saves so much time to order online.” On the surface that may seem true. But consider the whole story. All the businesses of JP want you to ponder the following: Who contributes to the local youth baseball league and soccer teams? Who gives to the schools’ silent auctions and to community fund-raisers? Who employs the most people who live in the neighborhood? It is our locally owned businesses that also donate to neighboring nonprofits and cultural organizations.

Our local business associations work tirelessly with the city and neighbors to improve the streetscapes, reduce litter and graffiti and increase safety. Without a vibrant locally supported business district we lose all this, and the very unique character and value of Jamaica Plain decreases.

None of these community benefits come from “chain store corporate.” They are home-grown. As we enter the holiday season, we ask that you support us so we may support the Jamaica Plain we all love, a small town in a city. Now, more than ever.

Wishing everyone a very special holiday season.

Carlos Icaza
For the members of The Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association

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