Police: Worker had drugs mailed to school


HYDE SQ.—A case worker at the COMPASS School was charged last week for allegedly having 1.5 pounds of marijuana mailed to him at the school, according to the Boston Police Department (BPD).

Lester Malcolm Robinson, 28, of Dorchester was arrested on Jan. 15 at the 26 Sunnyside St. private school. He is charged with possession of Class D drugs with intent to distribute and drug possession in a school zone.

“There’s no indication in the report he was selling it or distributing it or anything of that nature” on school grounds, BPD spokesperson Officer James Kenneally told the Gazette.

Through the school and other programs, COMPASS provides special education, counseling and support services to troubled urban youths and young adults. That includes programs for court-involved youths.

Is is unclear exactly what Robinson’s job at COMPASS is or whether he is still employed there. COMPASS Executive Director John Lydon did not return a Gazette phone call for this article.

Authorities became interested in a package being sent to Robinson because it had a suspicious return address, according to the BPD. A BPD drug-sniffing dog allegedly indicated that illegal drugs were inside.

Postal inspectors and the State Police were involved in the investigation. Robinson is currently facing only state charges, but mailing illegal drugs is also a federal crime, according to Ken Walker, a Boston-based postal inspector.

Walker said he believes that no decision has been made on federal charges in Robinson’s case and noted that it involves a “relatively small amount” of drugs.

“When you do use the mail and you’re sending drugs, the possibility always exists you’re going to be charged federally,” Walker said.

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