Free and strong press benefits everyone

Regarding recent JP Gazette news coverage of and opinion pieces about the Boston Redevelopment Authority citizens advisory process and the Jackson Square citizens advisory committee (CAC) specifically, it needs to be emphasized that freedom of the press is a bedrock of our open society. A reporter’s job is to report the facts without bias. It is not the reporter’s purview, generally, to approve, endorse or to offer an opinion on the issues being reported. These are usually left to editorial or op-ed pieces or to letters to the edi-tor.

The Jackson Square CAC doesn’t seem to understand that entities holding public meetings cannot deny or place conditions on access to reporters. Nor should the CAC expect the Gazette to support (or not support) its positions, especially in news stories.

The news, when reported in an accurate, fair, impartial and objective manner, provides a solid founda-tion upon which readers can make informed decisions. We are all the beneficiaries of a free and strong press.

Sam Sherwood
Jamaica Plain

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