Governor’s gas tax is the right thing

The residents and businesses of Jamaica Plain should support Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposal for a gas tax and the use of the revenues to support public transportation and walking/biking infrastructure improvements. This tax is completely reasonable, fair and sensible. It may even have the effects of modestly reducing the current massive subsidy that cars and trucks receive and promoting a more environmentally favorable trans-portation system in Massachusetts.

The more we drive and the more gas we use, the more we should pay for the pollution, congestion and transportation infrastructure wear and tear that we cause. Paying a modest amount more also allows us to be a part of the solution to these problems. While there may be concern that this tax could negatively impact low-income drivers, such impacts can be mitigated through targeted tax relief or a progressive income tax while still discouraging driving among all income levels.

Cora Roelofs
Jamaica Plain

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