Support bill to increase green jobs

Every time I open the paper, my web browser or any other news source, the only thing I see are statistics on the increased unemployment rate. We are facing the highest levels of unemployment in decades. As a recent college grad, I am particularly concerned with this issue.

Yet at the same time the solution seems simple. We can create millions of jobs across the country and put thousands of Massachusetts residents to work building wind turbines, building and installing solar panels and making hybrid cars and plug-in hybrids! Not only would this help us save energy in our homes, but it would also break our dependence on oil and solve global warming.

I urge everyone to support US Reps. Henry Waxman and Ed Markey’s American Clean Energy and Securities Act, a bill that answers President Obama’s call for legislation to repower America. I hope by passing this bill that young people will have more and greener job opportunities right out of college.

Maggie Yonkers
Jamaica Plain

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