JPNC Election Results

The following are the results from the JPNC’s 2009 elections, held Sept 12.

Area A (Hyde/Jackson/Egleston Square area): Jesse Abair; David Demerjian.

Area B (East of Centre St. between Egleston and Forest Hills): Emily Wheelwright, Steve Backman, Carlos Icaza, Edith Murnane, Steven Laferriele.

Area C (Pondside, Jamaica Hills, Forest Hills and Woodbourne): Red Burrows, Andrea Howley, Steven Lussier, Karley Ausiello, Jeremy Harold.

At Large: Pamela Bender, Francesca Fordiani, Daniel Perez, Michael Reiskind, Ben Knappmiller.

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council (JPNC) seats 20 JP residents, five council members from three “areas” and five neighborhood-wide “at large” members.

When not enough candidates run to fill all the slots, qualified candidates can present themselves to the JPNC for consideration to fill the vacancies. The council is open to JP residents over 16. Priority is given to candidates who live in the area they wish to represent.

The JPNC brings “together a cross-section of the economically, ethnically, geographically and otherwise diverse Jamaica Plain community to make decisions and recommendations regarding development, service delivery, youth affairs, and other public issues in our shared neighborhood…offer[ing] the people of Jamaica Plain, including youth of all ages, the opportunity to participate fully and directly in governing neighborhood affairs,” council bylaws say.

The new JPNC’s first meeting will be held Tues., Sept. 29, 7 p.m., Curtis Hall, 20 South St. The new council will likely select a new chair, vice-chair and secretary at the meeting, and invite community members to present themselves as candidates for the vacant seats.

David Taber

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