Police warn about street robberies

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A wave of five street robberies in one day last week around the Stony Brook T Station has led the Boston Police Department (BPD) to issue a special warning and robbery prevention tips.

The main tips: Walk confidently, and do not use cell phones, iPods and similar electronic devices. Electronic gadgets distract you from potential robbers who would love to steal them.

Robbery is a perennial problem around that T station, which happens to have several good hiding places and a regular flow of commuters carrying expensive, easy-to-resell electronic gadgets. The burst of robberies on Sept. 22 sparked attention, but there were other robberies around the station the same week.

Street robberies have been a problem all over Jamaica Plain this year. In the past month, robberies have been reported in Egleston Square, Hyde Square, Woodbourne and the Forest Hills T Station. No street should be considered totally safe from robbers.

If you are confronted by a robber with a weapon, do not fight back or refuse to give them personal items.

Other BPD tips for avoiding robbery:

• Always be aware of your surroundings, especially at night

• Park and walk in well-lit, populated areas

• Wear sneakers or shoes you can move quickly in

• Keep your head up and make quick eye contact with people around you

• Don’t distract yourself by using a cell phone, iPod or similar electronic device

• Avoid walking alone late at night

• If you think someone is following you, change directions or cross the street, and head for an open store, restaurant or home

• Carry a whistle and use it if you feel threatened

• Shout “Fire!”, “Help!” or “Rape!” to get residents’ attention if you are confronted by someone threatening

• Hold keys in your hand to use as a weapon if necessary

• Carry a cell phone and call ahead to your destination so that people will notice if you do not show up

• Walk confidently, and don’t let anyone violate your space

• Trust your instincts

• Remember that anyone can be a crime victim at any time. Do not assume that, “It will never happen to me.”

• If you are confronted by an unarmed robber, remain confident in your ability to scare or incapacitate them

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