Jackson: I was target of brick-thrower

John R

Web Exclusive

A brick was thrown through a window at the Grove Hall home of City Council candidate Tito Jackson last week, and he took it as an intimidation tactic, Jackson told the Gazette.

“Someone threw a brick through my window last night,” Jackson said in the Oct. 16 interview with the Gazette. Asked what he thought that meant, Jackson said, “It means I’m doing the right thing.”

Jackson said there is no direct evidence the incident was related to his City Council candidacy, but he interpreted it that way. Jackson is running for one of four “at-large,” or citywide, council seats on Nov. 3.

The Boston Police Department did not have an immediate response about any crime reports from Jackson’s house.

For more about Jackson and the other City Council candidates, see the Oct. 23 issue of the Gazette.

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